Valve files for Half-Life 3 Trademark


The High School Gamer

For those of us that are awaiting the release of the next installment in the Half-Life franchise, some recent activity at Valve may elude to the imminent announcement of Half-Life 3.

Valve filed for a standard trademark that indicates that they are the owner of Half-Life 3. There isn’t much we can work off of at this point, as the document is rather vague, only giving the name, who owns it and the classification, of course.

While you will see countless headlines claiming that Half-Life 3 has been announced, remember that this is by no means an announcement. Many companies trademark game titles and never end up using them.

I must admit that I sincerely hope that Valve are working on the next Half-Life game, be it Half-Life 3 or anything else Half-Life related. All I can say is that the hype for Half-Life 3 is there, the game has…

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