FF13: A Sad, Sad Tale…

…in more ways than one.

I’m looking at my games collection and, I know it’s only for PS3 and not the PC but I can’t help myself. I just must share my thoughts about this game (which I’m still not done with… in a bad way.)

I THOUGHT it would be awesome. Too bad I was wrong.

Now, before you send me hate messages and death sentences, hear me out.

I loved the environments. The graphics were great, especially in Gran Pulse and in Nautilus. It looked so alive. The soundtrack is pitch perfect with nice, catchy tunes (albeit a bit repetitive after a while) that  go with their respective levels nicely. Overall, the games aesthetics aren’t at all bad, but they’re no match for the beauty of games like Skyrim or Crysis. 

However, it all breaks down when it comes to gameplay. Sure, the system isn’t completely botched and you can get a few decent hours of fun gameplay from it, but after a while, it starts to become a chore. Recreating your paradigms — your battle strategy and team members — is probably the only fun part of the game, and that “fun” only lasts so long. Getting your summons are a pain, and roaming around is really, really annoying. For heaven’s sake, you can’t even jump while running around. It’s literally just you pushing your analog stick forward until you reach your goal. Yes, it’s as boring as it sounds.

And boredom makes for an extremely bad gameplay experience.

And my fellow gamers, when GAMEPLAY is mucked up, well, we all know that the said game’s in deep, hot, water.

FF13 is repetitive to a certain extreme; there is enough variety in the paradigm system to keep you enetertained, but again, it’s a chore. Leveling up takes a lot of kills, and yet killing in itself is a chore as well. If I had to describe FF13 in one word, it’d be tedious.  Tedious, tedious, tedious.

But I suppose all that work to get to progress in the storyline will be somehow worth it. Although the ending’s not WOAAAH OH MY GOD THAT’S AMAZING WOAHAHAHAHAHA HOO HAH awesome, it’s not bad. How do I know the ending, you ask, without finishing the game? Well, I ended up watching the cutscenes on Youtube. (That is probably enough evidence to show you how boring the game can get after some time.) Yup.

I’m going to play it again when I get the chance, but really, it’s a true “pure” waste of time.
However, if you’re still insistent on the FF13 universe, or FF in general, then by all means, go pick up FFXIII-2. Trust me, it’s not as bad as the first. I have my thoughts on that too, but I suppose I’ll reserve it for another post in the future. (The final one in the trilogy is slated to release soon. Ah, just so you know.)

Until then.
See you all!


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