Hi guys!

My name’s Nikki. I’m a college student studying Multimedia Arts in Southville International Schools & Colleges and I love gaming with my heart and soul; someday I wish to work in that industry so I can bring the same magic and wonder that video games brought me during my childhood to the next generation. I vividly remember it taking me to other worlds and allowing me to escape reality and it was just the best feeling ever.

This time I want to be the creator.
I hope to someday see people play my games and have the same feelings of wonder and magic envelop them.

But of course, to make a game, I first have to play them.
This website is dedicated to just that — honest reviews and opinions about PC games.

Thank you for visiting!
I look forward to all your feedback.


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. All the best with your dreams! I hope to play them one day 🙂

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